As the leaves begin to turn and fall is in the air, there is another change that seems to be a common occurrence...this is also the time of year when many couples decide to divorce.  While we hope you never have to experience this life changing transition, you may have friends or family who are experiencing it right now and are struggling. Two of our partners here at FMB are specialists in helping people navigate this difficult time. 

Divorce has a huge impact on each spouse’s financial picture.  Our partners Kathy Costas and Evan Miller saw a big need to help people manage this upheaval and they both became CDFA®s, or Certified Divorce Financial Analysts®.  To become a CDFA®, the candidate must have 3 years experience in the financial services or related industry and then pass a series of exams and a final comprehensive exam.  

Essentially Kathy and Evan use their financial planning skills and add on the layer of divorce and it’s tax implications etc, to create projections, model settlement proposals and ultimately create a new financial plan for the client to move forward into the next chapter of their life.  

As CDFA®s,  Kathy and Evan work closely with attorneys and mediators to help clients know what they want in the negotiation and also to devise creative ways to divide assets and create income streams so that both parties can have a solid financial foundation going forward.  Having worked through hundreds of divorces, Kathy and Evan bring that 20/20 hindsight to the process so that their clients can benefit from the good decisions and effective solutions of those that came before.  

If someone you know is in this predicament, or planning to be in the near future, please direct them to the Divorce Financial Planning tab on our website.  When they land there they will find articles, radio interviews with Kathy and Evan, a podcast and a checklist to help guide them.  In addition, they will find a link to the handbook Kathy and Evan have written that just became an Amazon best seller in the divorce category. 

As is always the goal at FMB, Divorce Financial Planning is just one more way we do our best to serve our clients and provide the best advice possible to help them make all of their financial decisions.  



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